Jacksonville, Florida

Newsletter July 14, 2003

Linda Jackson's home
Nashville, TN

April 10-13, 2003

The first meeting of the Paxon Class of 1965 HA HA Sisters was a success! A lot of talking, reminiscing, inquiring of family and friends, and laughing was the order of the weekend.

Linda Anne Andrews-Belger was the first to arrive on Thursday morning. Then Doris Kedzior-LePrell and I (Judy Bryant-Gneisig) arrived 5 minutes earlier than our scheduled 1:10 arrival (the Southwest Pilot asked that we note that we arrived 5 minutes early so I thought I would pass that on to all of you).4 HA HA Sisters

Sandra Beebe-Hill was the next to arrive on Friday morning. Then Ginger Joyner-Boettcher arrived Friday afternoon. Finally, we were all together when Janet Johnson-Tracey arrived Friday night. Once Janet arrived, we all kicked back and did a lot of talking. We did a lot of fast talking because Linda Anne Andrews-Belger was leaving at Noon on Saturday.

Here are a couple of the topics we talked about:

mooning - who actually did it and who was mooned. You would be surprised to learn who had done the mooning in this group! A couple had been mooned in our teen years.

slumber parties - who all attended (mostly classmates from Coach Foster's first period English class) and some of the wild things that went on. None of us were to leave the slumber parties, according to our parents, but it seemed that excursions were the norm. The beach being the most frequented place. It was recalled that someone had a beer before an excursion to the beach and got sick all over the driver's mother's vehicle. A couple of times the vehicle used on these excursions broke down. One time Richard Leonard (and group) was called since he and his group had been with the slumber party participants earlier in the evening. Another time a brother was called to fetch us back to where we were supposed to be. On the night of our Junior Prom, the slumber party turned into an egging party. No one could remember why a certain house was chosen or if any of the eggs reached the house!

To all my HA HA sisters - Thanks for the memories. MORE Pictures ·····>

After the HA HA Sisters were at Linda's home, she invited other classmates to visit her on Memorial Day weekend. Buddy and Deborah Sweat, Clyde and Charlotte Israel, Billy Caputo and Loretta Newcomer-Bledsoe visited with Linda.

Dinner at Myra Altman Scott's home MyraApril 19, 2003

We had a very nice dinner at Myra's. The fellowship with friends was outstanding. Myra called several friends who usually do not participate in our gatherings and talked them into coming. Marcia Joyner-Solomon, Jerry Ward (Class of 1966), and David Hamilton joined us. Sharon Stone-Gibson was in town so she joined us and Cookie Hovsepian-Sikes came into town for the weekend to visit with us and her family. Thank you Myra for opening your home to us for a gathering.

MORE Pictures ·····>

Jacksonville Beach Annual Gathering June 27- 28, 2003

Wow! it seems as though each year our gathering gets better. Maybe our age is making us think more about our friends of our youth (our true friends). We had 37 classmates to join us during the weekend - a total of 50+ including spouses. This is several more classmates than we had at our Reunion in 2000. Our "first timer" for any event was Jose (Tony) Vassallo. Jose lives in the Miami area. He went to college in Puerto Rico and then coached swimming at the University of Miami for several years. Once leaving the University of Miami, he taught in public and private high schools in Miami. He is still teaching but is looking forward to retiring. He has traveled the world during the summers and his dream is to retire to Australia.

Several came to this annual gathering for the first time: Donna Kay Rogers-Strayer, Pat Burns-Hodges, Bonnie Prevatt-Bennett, Larry Mapps, Lionel Varnado, Tom White, J. D. Loudermill, Janice Amos-Hovsepian and David Hamilton. All of these classmates have either attended reunions or dinners in the past, but it is always good to see as many classmates as possible at our annual event.

Our itinerary for these annual gatherings is to visit and enjoy our friends. A lot of the stories have been told every year, but we laugh just as much as the year before. We catch up on each other, families and any classmates that we kept in touch with. It is a good feeling to see and hug old friends.

Yes, the guys did play golf on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. A few years ago, everyone would come back to the suite and brag about being on the winning team. This year no one could remember which team won because no one could count correctly (cheating??!) - All those PHD's and no one could count! At least all the golfers were laughing and said they had fun.

We did take time to have a serious discussion about our reunion that is scheduled for 2005. If you want to give us some input for the next reunion, please post it on our website guestbook or e-mail Judy. MORE Pictures ·····>


Judy Bryant Gneisig

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